2012 Half year financial report

Training addresses all roles, levels of responsibility, professional groups and individuals who are motivated to improving their own professional value in keeping with the Company's development and its evolving corporate culture. Training was consolidated in the first six months of 2012, with 43,062 hours provided for all company employees in the Group, of which 27,946 hours in Italy, covering all segments/areas.

Hours of training by training area

Thematic area Number of training hours provided
Managerial training 15,085
Technical – professional training 15,143
Linguistic training 4,067
Safety and environmental training 8,767
Total 43,062

Total training hours by professional category

Professional category Number of training hours provided
Senior Management  625
Middle Management  8,699
White collars  24,167
Blue collars  2,416
Project workers 7,155
Total 43,062

The priority objective of Piaggio is to continually update individual and organisational skills and bring them in line with a changing business and Company strategies and to fully disseminate behaviour focused on competitive excellence, in keeping with Piaggio's managerial and professional competency models.

In 2012, in particular, Piaggio managerial training courses were continued and consolidated, including training based on requests originating from the EMS evaluation system. Training also focussed on the launch of the new Product Lifecycle Management system, involving Company R&D areas.

Piaggio also values the sharing of its know-how by organising training events managed by internal trainers, with a view to encouraging the exchange of the advanced methods and knowledge developed within company, so as to promote continuing improvement.