2012 Half year financial report

Brands and products

The Piaggio Group operates on the two-wheeler market with a portfolio of 7 brands that have enabled it to establish and consolidate a leadership position in Europe: Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Scarabeo, Moto Guzzi and Derbi.

The brands offer a complementary product assortment, so that the Group can supply the market with a fully comprehensive range to target the needs of different customer groups.

In the first six months of 2012, the Piaggio Group was absolute market leader, thanks to the introduction of vehicles with a style and content placing them at the top of their segments.


With a wide range of models covering all main scooter segments, Piaggio is one of Europe's and the world's leading brands. The huge success of Piaggio has been built up around the ease of use, design and outstanding functionality of its products.

In 2012, Piaggio made a return to the maxi scooter GT segment, with the X10, setting the standard for style, comfort, safety and innovation and featuring 3 engine sizes - 125, 350 and 500cc - for a better positioning on the most extensive and competitive segment of the market. In particular, the X10 sets the benchmark for safety, and is unique in the segment, with three channel ABS and ASR traction control system.


Vespa is the Piaggio Group's most well known brand worldwide, synonymous with style and elegance.

The Vespa range has always featured models that have all the distinctive heritage of the brand combined with a unique design and steel body.

In January, the Vespa LX 125 was presented to the Indian market at the Auto Expo show in Delhi, Asia's biggest motor show and a leading international showcase for the industry.

As regards the Vespa range worldwide, the new Vespa LX and S models with new 3 valve engines were unveiled in June. The new 125cc and 150cc engines represent the state of the art in terms of technology and efficiency and compared to the previous generation boast a 30% reduction in consumption and CO2 emissions and a mileage of 55 Km/litre at a constant speed of 50 km/h.


The Gilera brand features models in both the scooter and motorcycle segments. The brand came into being in 1909 and was acquired by the Piaggio Group in 1969. Gilera is known for its successes in racing, winning six world championship manufacturer's titles and eight world championship rider's titles. Gilera is a brand designed for a young, vibrant market and dynamic motorcyclists.

Aprilia Aprilia includes a 50cc to 300cc scooter range, and a 50cc to 1000cc motorcycle range. The brand is known for its sporting style worldwide, winning many important competitions, the excellent performance of its products, and a cutting-edge innovation and design.

During the period, the SRV 850 and My 12 Dorsoduro went on sale.

The SRV 850 is Aprilia's new maxi twin cylinder model. The 76 horsepower V2 engine makes it the top-performing scooter on the market. The Aprilia SRV 850 also boasts a technological leadership position, with a unique-in-class ABS and a sophisticated traction control system adjustable on 2 levels, for an even safer and more pleasurable riding experience.

The My12 Dorsoduro 1200 offers a new riding, performance and design content. In particular, the model features even better handling, thanks to lighter rims that reduce inertia and enhance the riding experience. Plus the model design has been entirely restyled.


The Scarabeo brand offers a wide range of scooters from 50cc to 500cc, and is the Group's premium brand, along with the Vespa. The Scarabeo brand was launched by Aprilia in 1993, and is the first brand to have introduced high-wheeled scooters in Europe.


The Derbi brand features a range of 50cc to 300cc scooters and a range of 50cc and 125cc motorcycles. Its target customers, aged 14-17 years, have made it one of the biggest manufacturers in the 50cc segment. The brand has made a name for itself winning 21 world titles, gaining a leadership position in Spain and Europe on the 50cc and 125cc motorcycle market.

Moto Guzzi

The Moto Guzzi brand came into being in 1921, and is one of the most well-known motorcycle brands in Europe, with a strong brand loyalty among customers. In 1970 Moto Guzzi gained worldwide popularity when it became the motorcycle of choice of the police in Los Angeles, California. Moto Guzzis, which have always been unique with their distinctive 90° V twin cylinder engines, are perfect for touring and combine a stylish traditional design with the latest technologies in the world of motorcycles.

During the period, Moto Guzzi developed a new V7 range. The new engine delivers a greater torque and power even at lower speeds, more efficiency, lower consumption and reduced emissions. The new V7 MY12 range is available in three versions, the V7 Stone, V7 Special and V7 Racer, all featuring the utmost attention to details and finishes.

The Nevada range has also made a comeback with the introduction of a new small block and single fuel supply designed for the new V7 range and extended to Moto Guzzi's custom middleweight models.