2012 Half year financial report

Commercial vehicles


Low emission commercial vehicles are also included in categories covered by incentives of the Lulli/Ghiglia/Scalera law decree (see the section on "Two-wheelers" above).

European Union

In April, Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) no. 293/2012 was published on the monitoring and reporting of data on the registration of new light commercial vehicles pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 510/2011 (establishing emission performance standards for new light commercial vehicles, as from 2014, to reduce CO2 emissions). The Implementing Regulation specifies the obligations of each EU member state for the monitoring and reporting of data on CO2 emissions of light-duty vehicles in their member state. This information will then be used by the Commission to determine specific CO2 emission objectives for manufacturers, and to verify that these objectives are met.


With a decree of 12 March 2012, the French Ministry of the Interior has made it compulsory for motorways to have acoustic alert systems as from 1 July 2012. The alert systems - rumble strips running along the edge of the hard shoulder on motorways made from raised material (small strips or humps placed at the same distance) - make a noise and cause vibrations to alert drivers if they move from the lane they are travelling in towards the hard shoulder. The entire road system should be updated by July 2022, with the exception of roads near residential areas and areas where these devices could be hazardous.